Charity Cycle Promotion


Some of our lovely 6th years have organised a fundraiser for Movember (Men's Mental Health Month). They will be doing a stationary cycle in the school on November 23rd. They decided to cycle the distance of 75.32 km each in total cycling the distance from Mizen Head to Malin Head.


 Jack Berry

Evan Foster 

Alex Maher 

Ben Jesson

Alex Neuroth 

Callum Simpson 

Cian Nolan 

Adam O’Toole (is the organiser).


It is a great demonstration of community spirit and volunteerism, very much in keeping with the ethos of a Christian Brothers School and the mind set of natural leaders.


 Please donate to give them your support at


gf.me/u/y7wi85   the link for the go fund me. They have raised €300 already.


Best of luck with the cycle and fundraising.