staidanscbs Prizes at the 3rd year Assembly, well done to all involved. #EREBB https://t.co/TcjuWfnGrS
staidanscbs St. Aidan's u-16 Gaelic football team presented with a new set of Jerseys & training tops from Adrian Dunne pharmac… https://t.co/hpA8fB6OHd

Student Council

The school year is drawing to an end, but the St. Aidan’s Student Council still has lots of plans for the final 3 months. They recently organized a non-uniform day to raise much needed funds for various projects around the school. Following the success of last year’s “Festival of Cultures’, they are drawing up plans for another celebration of multi-culturalism in our school. 1st and 2nd Year students can look forward to an exciting Sports Day, with plenty of prizes and novelty events. If any T.Y./5th Year students are interested in joining the Council, please pop into Room 4 at lunchtime any Tuesday.