TY Visit The Irish War Museum

The entire TY group and some of their History teachers Ms. Z Kennedy, Ms. M Ryan and Ms. A Brennan went to The Irish War Museum on the 29th November. On arrival when we were split into three smaller groups. One group went for the actual tour of the museum and got to see all of the artillery of World War One and Two. The second group went upstairs to see the weapons, clothes and uniforms the soldiers had to wear to represent their country in war.  We also got to hold some of the weapons that they had at the museum, as you can see in the pictures shown. While these groups were having fun looking at the weapons, tanks, etc,the last group were having the time of their lives getting to see these in action. We got to see our teachers shooting these weapons. Soon after we were shown how the trenches were used in wartime. We then went to see a tank and were driven around in the tank which was the high point of the tour that everyone enjoyed. After the hour or two in the one section the groups were swapped around so everyone got to see and do everything at the museum. The students really enjoyed the war museum and learned so much at the same time.                         

By Robert Coffey  TY