Junk Kouture

Congratulations to Cian Newman in 5th year on getting through to the regional final of the Junk Kouture competition. What a fantastic costume he has designed and it is all made from recycled materials. There were 1533 entries submitted to Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture competition this year and Cian’s design was chosen by the judges as one of only 395 designs to make it through to the regional finals.

The regional final takes place in The Helix, Dublin on the 6th March 2018. T

This is where we need your help, prior to the regional final there are online votes which take place on app.junkkouture.com

The regional final vote which Cian is part of will take place from the 19th - 23rd February: this vote is for all regional finalists. This will be worth 10% of your overall marks received for Cian at the regional final. So please vote for Cian Newman’s costume on app.junkkouture.com to help him get that 10%.

Tickets go on sale for this year’s regional finals from each of the venues at 9:00am on the 19th of February

Tickets have sold out in previous years within 3 hours of going on sale, so be fast!