Saving Life CPR

Roughly 5000 people die of sudden cardiac arrest every year and roughly 70% of these happen in the home. Just starting CPR can double the chance of survival. 

After this programme our students will know how to react if this situation happens and will know the correct steps to follow in helping that person. Training our students alone will mean that over 700 people in our area will know what to do in that situation.

The Irish Heart Foundation has recently launched this programme with the aim of training all secondary students in Ireland in basic CPR. 

It is an extremely important and exciting project, Ms. N Sullivan and  Ms. .A Askins are involved in the CPR 4 Schools Programme

So far they have trained three groups of TY students. The response was extremely positive. The plan is to  train the senior cycle students first, then the junior cycle and then hopefully to train all the staff. 

Cormac Ryan (past pupil and county hurler) was invited to come and launch the CPR 4 Schools Programme in our school on Tuesday 20th March. We also had representatives from The Irish Heart Foundation at the launch. We hope to raise awareness and emphasise the importance of the project to the students and present them with their certificates. Well done to all involved and some day some of us will save a life as a result of this programme.  





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