Mental Health Day

Mr. T Shannon congratulated all for the tremendous positive Mental Health Day. A special word of thanks was given to our mental health team and the students on the Amber team. He also said that the participation and engagement was excellent from staff and students. “The reality is if we don’t take care of our own mental health, we won’t be able to take care of the mental health of those in our care.”


Mental Heath Day

Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day 2

30 Graphic Novels

As part of our wonderful library relaunch we ordered 30 Graphic Novels covering a range of genres.

The library is open each lunch time for readers who may be interested in taking a look at the new range of books. Happy reading!


Halloween Library Relaunch 2

Halloween Library Relaunch


'Shmoomanji' was a huge success last night. Huge credit must go to Ms. L O'Flanagan and Mr. R Gill, the cast and all behind the scenes. Absolutely superb work.



History Projects

1E & 1M have made fantastic history projects and put them on display in the History Room at lunchtime. Well done to all involved!


History Projects

History Projects 2

A year of perfect attendance

Well done to the students with a year of perfect attendance.




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