Scary Guys

The students appeared in some very wonderful Halloween costumes on the day of the October mid-term break. Terrific to see how creative they can be and the fact that there were great prizes to be had for best dressed. Happy Halloween!



Scary halloween 4







All Weather Pitch Opening by the President

To celebrate the opening of our new All Weather Pitch, developed with St. Kevin’s Football Club, we were honoured with a visit from the president Micheal D. Higgins. The visit took place on Tuesday 13th September 2016 and the afternoon was a great success.






First Day Memories

Writer June Considine read a very inspiring story to the first years in the Library as part of their induction day in secondary school.

Recognition of Schools as DCU Research Partners

At a recent ceremony in Dublin City University (DCU), the DCU Centre for Evaluation, Quality and Inspection presented 2016 Research Partner Awards to 11 post-primary schools. Each of these schools participated in a yearlong research project that was coordinated by the

DCU Centre for Evaluation, Quality and Inspection and which focused on school self-evaluation. The research project involved the testing of a model of support for school self-evaluation in 11 post-primary schools over the 15/16 school year. The model of support involved the provision of a training programme entitled “Let’s Help You to Lead SSE in Your School” as well as a number of other supports. A participant from each school was trained to facilitate the school self-evaluation process in their own school and in this way building the capacity of both the individuals involved and the schools. Ms. Hazel Thompson completed the training programme for St. Aidan’s.

The commitment to excellence and improvement by each of the schools was commended at the recent ceremony in DCU. The project Co-Ordinator Dr. Shivaun O’Brien stated that “it is wonderful to see schools going above and beyond to form links with a university and to become active research partners. These schools are ambitious for their learners and committed to improvement and excellence”.


Thinking Inside The Box

The Google Experience took over our school for a day and gave us a little glimpse into how simple technology can be integrated into our Teaching and Learning. They brought with them their magic cardboard boxes. Attached inside were phones and with these we could go anywhere in the virtual world. The teacher selected the expedition, guided the class on their tour and the students could see it all three dimensionally. Great excitement and fun was had by all on the day. A big thank you to Ms. Niamh Sullivan for organising and co-ordinating the day.


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