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Badminton Club Championships

We held our first badminton club championships on the 26th of April and all year groups were represented. This was the final event in the badminton calendar for the year and saw 32 students from all age groups take part over three hours. There was great competition between the students with First Years playing off against Sixth Years in the first round. Needless to say there were quite a few upsets in the rankings with a few of our U19 players being beaten by U16s and U14s! The final expected to see Seán Power retain his number one status over Jerome Linkwinstar; however, this final was not to be. First year Jude Denofra shocked all by putting in a great performance to beat 18 year old Seán to make it to the final. A super final was fought between Jerome and Jude with the title going to Jude in a fantastic 20-19 final score! No doubt Jude is a talent to watch for the future. Maith thú Jude!